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Are people like AOC even AWARE of your biochar ideas?
How do we make that happen?

You should already be a multi-multi-millionaire or bigger, it's amazing how this isn't growing huge legs already.

One of the most painful lessons of trying to get this thing off the ground is how important marketing is, especially of the overall concept. Selling some machines is not so difficult, but growing the thing to scale without many talented people on board and lots of money is virtually impossible for a couple of "farmer entrepreneurs". We are not very good marketers, except when talking to fellow equipment geeks.

Ironically, there are so many powerful benefit vectors to the broad concept that it is hard to explain it to folks without their eyes glazing over, and they usually end up failing to retain any of it. The easiest entry seems to be through the "free heat" door and barely mentioning the soil carbon and global warming aspects.

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