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I have been watching the TV and the Democratic response and am a bit bewildered. The AG says he will have the report ready by the middle of April (about 2 weeks). That seems fair given they have to vet a 400+ report. The house wants everything right now - they will probably get that as the groups wanting it are, in theory, okay for secret stuff. But, those whining to see everything are not likely to succeed and are not helping. I also hope, when they get the AG to interview, that they watch their mouths and not behave as the Republicans, that's true also, for Mueller, should he come and testify.

I am simply not convinced that either of those men are enemies of the Dems.
I am as anxious as anyone to see the report, but I agree that a couple of more weeks is not the end of the world. As for "enemies of the Dems" - well, I don't. Mueller is a straight shooter, no question, and I think his response will be measured and accurate. Barr is a political animal through and through and I have absolutely no doubt he is doing everything in his power to protect the President and the party over the interests of the country.