This whole thing is a great mystery! For instance, Mueller has presented his report and, in theory is done. However, Mueller's grand jury continues to work on 'things'. Wonders never cease! Mueller is done, Mueller is now 'helping' the AG ready his report for prime time and Mueller's grand jury continues to be busy, busy, busy.

Now add in that there are any number of other federal investigations into Trump this and thats. Then there are the investigations of the Democratic House - basically, virtually all 20 house committees.

I remain convinced that every one of these things is going to turn over some kind of a rock for the rest of us to marvel at. What amazes me is the lunacy of the Republican public servants who, true believers or to save their jobs, continue to actively support Jackass. I don't believe for a minute that Trump can survive this onslaught yet those who support him are so craven and afraid of his bombast that they continue to aggressively support him with nary a thought on the simple fact they will, eventually, have to defend their ongoing support to their voters (and, hopefully, will fail miserably). My concern about this is that their voters are so ensorcelled and ignorant, never having been exposed to Democrats and fixated on Fox News, haven't the capacity to act in their own best interest.

I also believe that 2020 elections are the Democrat's to lose. I think my main worry is the simple fact that the Dems have proven, over time, that they can not only lose but spectacularly lose. This will continue to remain my concern until ALL actually start to fight back and willing to actually take the battle to the other side. I don't mean just the candidates but the so-called lefties of TV who seem to be more concerned with bringing on those from the right to interminably spew their poison and then, apparently, being concerned with 'fairness', never call them on the obvious lies, etc. thus spewed.

I guess I should add that whilst my pronouncements seem absolute I am also a believer in "exceptions that prove the rule".

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