I continue to believe that there is something odd is going on. Mueller continues his grand jury and, now, we are told they will release the redacted version the first week of the congressional 2 week hiatus so they can go home and work at keeping their jobs as, obviously, going back on weekends, and a couple of other days is not enough. It should also be noted that said congressional travel would be handled by the United States Airforce and free to all members of congress, their families and important aids.

I will probably continue down this pass until the redacted release, especially if 80% of it is redacted. Another might be that redactions are explained as forced on them that redacted, said redcations being based on a newly discovered secret law, written in 1792, which forces such redactions as well as the law's secrecy. In the efforts to be more transparent the redactors also supplied the original letter, of the forefathers, which explained that they considered such secrecy to be necessary due to the obvious danger to the human psyche should the facts become known to all.