Mom says she and 'giggling' son with special needs were asked to leave movie theater for 'disruptive behavior'

Yahoo Lifestyle
April 15, 2019

An Illinois mother was in tears after she was kicked out of a movie theater following complaints that her disabled son was making too much noise.

Jennifer Daly posted on Facebook after taking her two sons to see Dumbo Friday night at AMC Lake in the Hills in a suburb of Chicago.

One of her sons, Jonathan, has a rare form of dwarfism and Daly said it is a struggle to get him out for an excursion...

The mother said that, during the film, her 3-year-old son giggled twice “no longer than 20 seconds each.” But about 10 minutes later, a staff member told her somebody had complained about a crying baby.

“I looked at her and said he did not cry, he giggled twice,” the shocked mother wrote. “I was told I immediately have to pack up to leave.” ...

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