As far as I can tell we have been told that there are 20 different doj investigations going on throughout the entire country which have been spun off the Mueller report. There are some that have even said there are more than 20. My own take is that Mueller figured out what has been happening and made sure that eventually all would be known. This is in addition to the 20 the house is doing. I continue to believe Jackass will go down and the tip off will be when one or more of the children get indicted.

The New York state folks have already offered up the Tax Returns, which they have as part of the New York State tax data. On top of that there are the folks who prepared the Trump taxes who now have a decision. Do they want to be sued by the Congress of the United States or the Trump attorneys.

Things are, I suspect, moving right along and we will have it all - it just takes time, not unlike most of that which gov does. My only real concern is if the congress gets it all and then a not particularly bright member makes it all public, wrecks ongoing investigations, exposes methods and names, and exposes agents in the field, amongst other stuff.

We will, of course, know all in the fullness of time............