2020 scares the hell out of me. Trump is, if nothing else, cagey. The real hope for beating him is to have the economy go bad. Historically this is how Dems win against the Republicans (for over 100 years!). If nothing else the trillion dollars a year added to the national debt is going to seriously impact the economy. Its also interesting that this is what their "tax cut" is, basically, adding to the national debt so the very rich can be richer. Their gamble that it would all be paid for, by the economy, was just baloney, pure and simple. By 2020 our national debt could actually be greater than our GDP. When that happens nobody is really quite sure what will happen but everybody is convinced its not gonna be good. For instance, when that happens the interest on our debt alone will suck up any money available for ANYTHING!

I find it all very strange. Obamacare, for instance, was starting to reduce the costs of healthcare - the Republicans made sure that wasn't going to happen. Obama did increase the debt bigtime - he had to save the American Banking system after it went hogwild under bush (who increased the deficit over 100% beating Obama's 76% increase due, basically, to the Iraq war which was started with yet another Republican lie). Trump, however, is increasing the debt by about a trillion dollars a year simply because he wanted to make the rich, richer. They say the debt is already slowing the economy and we have another year towards disaster before 2020. You will hear the Republicans start talking about getting rid of the 'entitlements', ie. medicare, medicaid, social security, etc (all services but military, basically). They will tell us that is the only way to bail out their mess (they will, of course, blame it all on Obama) is by getting rid of medicare, medicaid, social security, public schools, etc. So, if the Dems take over they will be inheriting yet another Republican economic mess. This time, however, they should say, everytime they are interviewed, that the mess is a Republican mess and they will fix it as they have fixed all the others brought on by Republicans who don't give a damn about anything but getting richer on the backs of others. The Republicans have been doing this for years, the only difference will be the Democrats will be speaking the truth whilst most of the Republican claims are lies.

Obama, for instance, never tooted his own horn and rarely ever mentioned who caused the worst economic disaster since the great depression. This apparent need to not speak ill of the opposition should just stop! Lay the blame where it belongs and never stop!

So, when the Dems start to run, they should point to the debt, what it means, who did it, who didn't give a damn, and why they can never be trusted again - over, and over, and over again. If they win big enough perhaps they can actually pass meaningful legislation. The trick, of course, is to actually sit down and work it out between and betwixt each other without constant carping and yelling at each other. Find common ground and get it done!

Just saying.............