A confession: I've not been faithful. I spent a good deal of time today trying to keep up with posts on another forum. The rest of the day was spent reading and trying to absorb the contents of the Mueller report. Notwithstanding having a great deal of background already, there is so much disgusting behavior cataloged in the report I had to take several baths today just to get rid of the stink.

We're in serious trouble, folks. The level of criminality of this President far outstrips even Richard Nixon, and I dont say that lightly. I lived through Watergate and Iran contra. No one can read this report and think that it is in any way "good" for the President, and yet on that other board there were hundreds of posts claiming just that. I weep, literally, for my country that there are so many whose standards are so low that "he wasn't convicted" counts as a legitimate qualification for the presidency. They care that little for their country. It's disgusting.