I would also teach both boys and girls how to be adults, how to please somebody else, how to be responsible with sex and reproduction, how to get along with people, and how to stay on the right side of the law. A lot of these things were things your parents would teach you, but these days those parents may not know themselves. Just watching a single daytime conflict show tells you we are doing something horribly wrong.

These days...

So you imagine sometime in the past that parents and schools taught all these life skills better than today? And if we just Make America Great Again™ everything will return to normal?

I have experience from the post War2 era when the middle class in America rose to its ultimate glory...nobody taught me s***.

Maybe all that was happening during the war? Or perhaps during the depression years? The Roaring Twenties? World War 1? Maybe religion took care of all that back in the days before rock and roll.

But I don't think so. I think we're looking at a long string of chaotic history where people did the best they could to survive with what little information they were given up front.

Kids are drowning in information these days. They don't need to be taught to farm and f*ck and pray. Shop class isn't going to help kids enter the robotically controlled and computer operated world of today.

Home Economics is not going to prepare women to be better housewives. Who the f*ck even has time to be a "housewife" in this day and age?

What we think we know and what we think is best for today's youth is entirely bullshit. The world has passed us by and we haven't improved on it much as it did.

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