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Home Ec was a means to teach women how to be successful wives. Shop class was a means to teach men the skills they didn't teach in Home Ec. I think we are screwing up if we are not teaching both to both sexes. We also need to teach them how to manage a checking account. How to save money for big purchases and retirement. How to buy a house. How to drive a car, register it, finance it.

I would also teach both boys and girls how to be adults, how to please somebody else, how to be responsible with sex and reproduction, how to get along with people, and how to stay on the right side of the law. A lot of these things were things your parents would teach you, but these days those parents may not know themselves. Just watching a single daytime conflict show tells you we are doing something horribly wrong.

I have often had similar thought. We spent so much time in high school... what did we learn? It is not surprising that many kids wind up screwing up their lives... especially if they do not have parents who teach them this stuff. And the sick part is that, so often, kids do not want to listen to their parents... so it would be much better to have a “life skills” class
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