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... I am just appalled at the absolute sycophancy and irredeemably gross mischaracterization of everything that is promoted by Trump loyalists. It seems impossible that it is not deliberate, or state-sponsored.

The combination of internet ease of access and the mind-numbing gullibility of humans is fertile ground for all manner of ethics-less and criminal grifters. And all the noise has made it impossible to sort the truth from the con in a discussion, because there are no remaining boundaries of rationality involved in the act of "discussion". Pros like Trump, or "King Kon" as I call him, know this and use it to great advantage - though I can't really see the long term advantage in it to anyone.

Recently someone posted a tweet that showed a massive crowd outside of a public venue, saying it was the overflow from Trump's recent Green Bay rally and that it represented the kind of overwhelming support he has. I wondered if it was actually from his rally, so I googled the venue and quickly verified that it was a lie - it was a different building. There was a banner over the entry on which I could make out "Griffins", so I Googled that and found it is a hockey team in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and their arena was indeed the building in the post.

I shared that information with my Trump Zombie friends and they flat out rejected the evidence of photos, accusing me of being mentally defective for photoshopping The Truth into A Lie. I suggested that perhaps they had been duped by Russians, as revealed in the Mueller investigation - or maybe one of their own - how did they feel about that? Well, what they felt is that I am a condescending assshole and should be banned from the internet.

Eeks! eek2

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
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