Seems that Jackass is preparing to goto war with Iran. Also seems Bolton is firmly in charge of getting it done. We should all remember this is the guy who arguably gifted us with the Iraq war to save the Iraqis. Only about 500,000 civilians were killed and it was also arguably the most corrupt national undertaking in our history. We started that one with a lie, tortured, stole and raped and pillaged. Good times for all! Now Mr Bolton wants to do it RIGHT! Since basically any and all allies (except for our real pals, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Russia) are against this but then what do they know? Its not enough that we are already participating in the Yemen thing (disease, pestilence, bombs, children dying of starvation, etc. You know, generally considered the very worst of them) we also have to destroy them bad Iranians who are always out there trying to protect them evil barely human Shia. We should be thankful that we have, finally, picked a side in that thousand year old Muslim war between Shia and Sunni. Given our modern propensity to keep our armies blooded this one will be a dandy.

Anybody who has forgotten the Iraq war should take a look at a couple of the congressional reports (even the Republicans couldn't spin this one).

This is, however, not quite enough. We are also now in an all out trade war with China and are threatening any allies we have left (Europe, etc) that dare trade with who they want to trade with because we know better. This one will get more interesting as time passes. I am awaiting the next auction by the treasury when the Chinese choose to not participate until the interest rate goes up. By that time we will already be paying more on the interest than we spend on our military. If the Dems actually take over in 2002 any of the promises they are currently making will be impossible to fulfill because there will be no money left. If the Chinese also decide to sell our bonds Its actually gonna be a bit worse. Basically a depression which will make 2008 look like a picnic. We will be, basically, broke, hugely in debt (the current administration is well on its way to add another 4 trillion to the debt by the time they are done).

All in all we are, basically, screwed. Afghanistan has cost us between 1 and 2 trillion dollars (google "ongoing costs of afghanistan war"). Had we spent that much on Cancer and infrastructure both could have been fixed easily. Thank goodness our elected saved us from those kinds of things.

OH, also add in a student loan debt of approximately 1.5 trillion dollars. Then also consider that these debts cannot be bankrupted away. This is debt that 44 million kids get to pack around for the rest of their lives. Many of these also attended them for profit schools that screwed over students and jackass has made sure they get to pay back the money anyway. So, that means that we have created a substantial number of really pissed off, screwed over, folks as well.

Gotta say, we have all worked, very hard, to get into a bit of a mess. The interesting thing is that its all ongoing. Even if the Dems win in 2002 its not gonna make a whole bunch of difference, regardless of promises. Throw in climate change and I suspect its gonna get real interesting.

As usual - I wish us all luck.