Chunk - I have never been for military intervention in Venezuela or any other place.

Greger - With Jackass I don't think balls are in it all. The man just doesn't have the capacity for that kind of thing. Given the his degree of thoughtlessness I am not convinced he even thinks before he does whatever. He is, after all, the man who knows everything, has all the money in the world, handsome and beloved of every beauty in the entire world! If you question any of the foregoing I would suggest you just ask the man - he will set you (and everybody else) right! <G>

The talking heads now say that Bolton is planning all of this without input from Trump. Its kinda interesting and just may be true. I remember when the current governor of Ohio, Kachich said that he was offered the vice president position and would be able to also run everything. Even then Jackass didn't have much interest in actually functioning as president. I think most of what he does depends on who is pulling his chain that day.

Off the subject but..... If we still had the draft we would not have 18 yearlong wars and republican administrations would not be so eager to do war and political division would be a lot harder to promulgate. When Jackass hired Bolton there was an outcry against him over his predilection for war. Turns out those who cried out were exactly right. Since I don't believe Jackass does anything on his own (except tweat) this also means there are other war hawks in his administration.