I think there is a rhythm for autocrats, and a methodology. It requires a steady drumbeat and the audacity to ignore contrary opinion and fact. The Trump administration is proving the most corrupt in American history, and not by a little. The Mueller report showed this in spades, yet Trump's sycophantic followers refuse to acknowledge any wrong. It is mindbending to see it in operation.

At this point not only may impeachment be inevitable, but we are truly in a constitutional crisis. Trump is defying all constraints on his behavior, and being abetted by a corrupt party that refuses to exercise any independent behavior or judgment. In that sense it is like the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party.

We are at an existential crisis for our nation. Are there still American values and standards or is it truly party/ tribe ber alles? I'm so scared it keeps me up at night. I'm actually concerned that Trump may refuse to accept his loss in 2020, and the GOP may go along. His followers have already demonstrated a propensity for violence, and a mindless acceptance of anything he does.