Don't they say that about every election?

I guess for cynics as yourself using soundbites doesn't do a lot for you. Look back at say the last 10 cycles. Is there any one of them which in your opinion was so important it would change the future of democracy? I don't think so.

This election however is a referendum on American values and exceptionalism. Re-electing Mr Trump would ensconce bigotry as American. Re-electing Mr Trump would ensure the Constitution does not matter. Re-electing Mr Trump guarantees there are selected people who are above the law. Not since 1860 has there been an election of such importance.

We are at a crucial intersection, to determine the future of our Democracy. Imagine if you lived in 1933 Germany. Future German democracy was at stake and it should have been clear to all. A mesmerizing demagogue promoting bigotry and anti-Semitism, should feel familiar, especially when listening to a Trump rally. The only difference is the crowd is not marching around carrying flags and banners.

Trump refusing to leave if he's defeated?

While it may be true some Democrats have said that about Pres Bush, there was never any real reason to think it. With Mr Trump there is every reason to not just consider it but think seriously about it. He laid the foundation for a rigged election. His Base believes elections are rigged against them. He has laid the foundation for a deep state conspiracy out to get him. He claims there was a coup attempt. And his Base believes him. He tramples all the norms (this is not just his style ... he doesn't believe in the Constitution) of governing. Mr Trump tries to govern as if he were a king.

So the question is, why would he consider leaving the WH if he lost.

I am not a Democrat, but can empathize with your disappointment,

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