Our current army was started with Nixon. At the time he wanted a 'professional' army. There were cries that we were created an army of mercenaries so, now, we have a professional army. Actually little changed except pay for the military was raised so that they all weren't on welfare anymore.

I have been against Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, anything in the middle east, Afghanistan, Iraq - the whole damned bunch. These days, of course, they are all about politics. If we don't like how somebody does something we 'help' them and thousands die. As far as I am concerned the politicians kills a grandson amongst other things. I have watched us abandon any number of fighters that helped us with this stuff. In vietnam we abandoned whole tribes to the commies, in Iraq we abandoned thousands who helped us, it just goes on and on.

Jackass is just proving its all politics. The Saudis, Russians, etc. bought and paid for him and he is doing exactly what they want insofar as Iran is concerned. After all, they are all still buying stuff from him, filling his hotels, etc. so its the least he can do. I don't think there is really any doubt about what is going on but, again, apparently it continues, unabated, and the rest of our elected class are simply incapable to putting an end to it.

Here is a link about the All Volunteer Army:

If we have any later generations they are certain to look back on this one with hatred and disdain - with very good reason.

I am, incidentally, a supporter of the draft. It unites us, and sets a tone we have been missing for a very long time.