if he loses. ignores the fact that somebody else wins and becomes President on Jan 20th

Yes I believe I mentioned the fact we in America have a tradition of a peaceful, voluntary transition. However, you have ignored the extreme partisanship which devours America today. Consider Gen Flynn: if he is in command of military forces he may have ordered the protection of Mr Trump to remain as occupant of WH because there was a fraudulent election. How many more high ranking military leaders are there who implicitly support Mr Trump as the savior of America more than they support the Constitution? Also remember the date, 20 Jan. Between election day and inauguration day a lot can happen.

The only reason to even consider the unimaginable is because Mr Trump has exhibited a pattern of actions which assault the rule of law, especially the Constitution. He is a narcissist and as such does not consider losing a part of his delusion.

The only question which remains is would the military, law enforcement uphold their oath to the Constitution? Look around. I suspect if a poll were taken 30-40% would feel they should protect Mr Trump first. We live in a crazy world where all the previous norms no longer apply.

The only Trump loyalists are people he installed who are unemployed on January 20th
If these are normal times ... yes. He has made a concerted effort to replace everyone with loyalists. He has packed the court with people who are sympathetic to him. Part of his disorder to getting people to love him, to praise him, to be loyal to him.

I don't trust the military. So what would you do if the military supported Mr Trump's continued residence in the WH? Call for the marines? They are the ones protecting him.

Mr Trump should not be considered in the context of what has gone before. Use the lens of dictatorial strongmen as the focal point. That should offer a proper perspective. Think Maduro. Imagine the Russians supporting Mr Trump's continued occupancy of the WH ... how does that feel?

Not saying that is what will happen. I am saying there is a higher probability than 0 it could happen.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty