That is basically why I am for the draft. There is no way to hide the problems.

As a possibly interesting sidelight to all of this is the American penchant to use actual mercinaries as well as their own Army. This one pretty much flies under the radar but talk to anybody who has been there about that one. When those guys get killed its just "x number of deaths", or "other forces", etc.

Oh, mercenaries also don't have to adhere to the same set of rules that our troops need to so, I have been told, they tend to act out. Its a deal where our army may be blamed but it wasn't them.

America, I believe, was designed to have a citizen army. When they say "all volunteer" they, basically, mean anybody who is qualified. It used to be if a foreigner signed up for the army, did his, her, stint, they could also apply for citizenship. Now we are throwing them out of the country as soon as they leave the military.

Another example, I think, of creating more that hate us?