Greger, I did not include my caveats in my above post.

Some of them are:

All males and females would be subject to National Service.

No deferments: none for college, none for bone spurs, flat feet, or any other correctable physical defect. If the prospect is on the Autism Spectrum they would be exempt from the military but not other national services. There are other medical and physical exemptions I support, but the list is to long to go into here.

Term of Service 3/4 years. Would earn credits and dollars towards your degree, available upon Honorable Discharge. Any funds personally contributed would be refunded upon discharge under less than honorable or lower conditions.

Standard education (like a GI Bill): available to anyone completing service with an Honorable Discharge from the military or other national services.

If the degree program you are in is for teaching, or medical or dental you can begin your service by serving part-time in your degree field and during summer breaks for a salary equal to that of an E5 and remain in college. Service to be completed after graduation.


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