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Heh...1.5 mbps is the best I can ever hope for.
No cable here in the swamp and certainly no wireless. Cell phones don't even work here. I'm 7 miles from the DSL repeater and the last 3 are copper instead of fiber optic.

I've considered satellite but they won't guarantee anything and you can't find out your available speed without signing a two year contract.
Greger, I am very sympathetic. I have had lousy service for much of my time here. When I first got a cell phone, I got great service to and from work. But the two places I couldn't get reception? Home and work. When I first got internet it was over the phone - 2400 baud (way better than 1200!), then I got DSL, but it was spotty at best, and boy was it slow. Recently I got a "bundle" that included a phone I don't use and internet speeds my computers couldn't handle. Only my son really took advantage (via ethernet). I got fed up with it, and upgraded everything. Do I need it? Probably not, I'm retired, but... I could, so I did.