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There is lots of stuff that could be the next great thing, and then you never hear about it again. One of the chips I worked on at Globespan-Virata was a 4 channel 100 Mbps DSL router. So the phone companies could run fiber to an apartment building or office building, and support four 100 Mbps internet channels. Or bond the channels and have one 400 MBps internet channel. I did the verification of the design and it actually worked perfectly in the first silicon! (That was almost unheard of for such a complex design at the time.)

I went on to Rockwell when they bought my division, and then got laid off a year later. Never heard a thing about the chip after that. Such is tech.

Well they did end up doing a lot of channel bonding, but I don't know if your chip was involved. Very late in my career I got to use a device called a "Live U" which bonds up to six cellular connections simultaneously in order to provide a super high speed wide bandwidth connection for live HD camera-to-studio links. Yes, your single cellphone will transmit video all by itself but a Live U unit will support live HD all the way up to 4K ultra-high definition video over the network. It eliminates the need for a live remote truck, so it is basically a live remote truck stuffed into a backpack.

Live U TV

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