Always walk upwind of the plywood. That way the wind can take the plywood, instead of the plywood and you!

Got the last PV cables today and connected them. System works! My electric meter shows a negative KWatt number with the whole system enabled. I was surprised when the building inspector told me I could actually turn it on to test it, with no inspection. But I guess it a fiasco trying to get pre-turnon inspection, then turn it on, then get a post-turnon inspection.

The wind actually made the solar panels lighter, so there was that. But I could have done without it. Had to do a bunch of crawling around under the array today to get it connected and to zip-tie some of the cables to the frame. Inspectors like to see everything neat and clean, so I may do some more zip ties before he comes.

Funny they need solar heat for pools in Florida: Last time I was there, we went out on a boat to do some snorkeling and I was getting seasick from the choppy warm water. I had to get out of the water and back on the boat to feel better. I think a much better use for solar would be for hot water heating. Those systems have a much shorter payback time than solar electric.

Maybe it's a cost thing? If the hurricane takes your pool heater, it's no big deal. Those things are quite cheap.