I think blaming corporations for all ills is a bit of a stretch. Our main problem, right now, is that we have been doing political wars for a very long time. They can't be won and they have no reasonable reason to be happening, and, given Afghanistan, can continue forever. The winners are the military industrial complex and some politicians that started the war in the first place. This is what is going on with Iran right now. We are in bed with Israel and Saudi Arabia and those folks want Iran, and them bad Shia dead (man, woman and child) because they are not human. Not only that but they buy weapons from us too! Since this is a thousand year Muslim war that we are taking part in all we can do, I guess, is whine about it and wish it would stop. This is, incidentally, why I want the draft back (and I know its not gonna happen). I think this stuff has got to stop but its not and its getting worse.

One last - there is simply no way we can count on the American electorate to fix the problem. They continue to prove they are lazy, unable to vote in their own self interest, and we all think that if a turnout is anywhere near 50% voting we call that a landslide. I am no longer convinced that what they are yearning for is a situation where they can get rid of that voting stuff and get somebody who will make ALL their decisions for for them.