I think what you are talking about is a consistent lack of regulation by gov. This, I believe, has to do with our system of campaign support which is little else than a system of bribery for an elected class that is, apparently, a lot more interested in keeping their jobs than actually doing them. I have, on occasion explained our system of lobbyists, the reaction remains the same; "are you telling me that the United States has formalized bribery?"

There are solutions but its unlikely any would pass. One is that only money from within a given state can be used for elections and those giving must live in the state in question. Another might be that when an elected retires all remaining campaign fund goto charity. I am sure there are move but those two, by themselves, would make a difference. I have no idea what to do about the choices made between keeping their jobs and doing them.

Useful site: https://www.opensecrets.org/

Part of the problem is that those on the Right are flat out against ANY kind of regulation. They actually believe that if somebody is given the chance they will always make the right decision. I know that can't be true but it is. Social Security, for instance, is bad because people would do the right thing if they were not forced to. This extends to a pile of other 'regulations' (they believe that SS is regulatory in nature). This is, incidentally, why its so important that both sides find common ground for ALL legislation because both sides tend towards extremes of one sort or another. I have often wondered what would happen if all legislation had to be signed off by both political parties before it could be enacted.