No, JGW, that's not quite what I was talking about.
I was giving an argument against the notion of a military thru an economic and class argument. You'd hope most would agreed about the morality of it. Morals are tricky things though.
Not that I disagree with you with the glaring need for alarm over campaign financing. Again, the 'LEFT' as traditionally understood, and currently exists in the U.S. is all over this issue. You would find much common ground.
I think it's reasonable to take issue with the notion of 'Regulation' being the answer to most of what ails us as a society. I would point out that much of the regulatory agencies are being seriously corroded and dismantled. On that list is climate data and reporting.
Regulatory capture has been an ongoing event thru both hard right and center right administrations since the S&L banking crises in the 80's and the radicalization of the farmers and their families.
As long as you allow the same power structures intact you leave the source and desire for regulatory capture and subversion intact to repeat itself. Which we've seen unfolding for the last 30 years.
Big Mo's been talking for some time now. Who said the only reason we can never have a third party in this country is because the rich won't pay for another one?

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