Sorry, I was not clear. I am for just, intelligent and honest regulation. The problem with regulation is simple but there are two sides. The sides are regulation and no regulation. These come in two flavors - extreme. The answer is for both sides to sit down, agree there will be regulation and then both sides find common ground. THAT is regulation and not regulations decided by one side or the other. That is how its all designed. Right now we have 1 side making some really bad decisions and that is hopefully going to get fixed in the future. I should add that the Dem/left side also goes to extremes when it comes to regulation which is why we need 2 sides as neither is perfect. The ultimate deciders are the people represented in the voting electorate.

As far as I can tell both political sides, as well as the electorate, have just failed. The difference, I think, is that one side has decided to make it all their way and that would be the Republicans and that started with Newt Gingrich who had the Contract for America which laid out their principles along with the determination not to compromise. They have stuck with that through thick and thin and was the basis for what we have now. That being said the Democrats have been playing catchup, and defense, ever since. They just never understood that the Contract killed the idea of both sides sitting down and finding the new mythic common ground and the system has been melting down ever since. I can Remember Obama, for instance, making overture over overture to the Republicans and they were ALL rejected. Its really time the Democrats came to terms, figured that one out and went back to the drawing board. People tend to forget that the Republicans, quite publicly, announced that they would reject and fight ANY legislation that Obama might propose. They stuck to that. Obamacare is a case in point. I remember when that got marked up. The Republicans actually were responsible for much of Obamacare but not a single one voted for it!

I really have no solution to these things. I do believe they are pretty much recognized but nobody seems to have a solution. What we probably need is a genuine leader as president who can make this his job, the only job, and get it done. This, of course, is simply wishful thinking, but one can hope?

I am not sure what power structures you are talking about. I do know that there is a left and right and both have the capacity to go too far. I also know that the right is like a dog with a bone. They have goals and they are neither pretty nor good for the nation and they are sticking to them. I also know that they are much better than the Dems at making their case as they march in lockstep, listen to their leaders, and understand how to demonize (not sure the Dems even know what that is). The Dems, on the other hand spend most of their time battling each other instead of the opposition and seem to agree with each other as much as the Republicans don't do that.

When there are two sides and one side has a problem getting along with itself and the other sides doesn't the side that presents a common front wins. This is true anytime you have two sides. If the generals are not in agreement they all lose. I don't think anybody disagrees with that and that is what we now have. This is not meant to start an argument or piss you off. However, your determination to label every belief as this and that, right and wrong, etc. when referring to the left (witch, according to you doesn't exist) is an excellent example of how the Dems seem to consistently demonstrate that they can "lose spectacularly". Sometimes they win, sometimes they don't but they never seem to really get it and its frustrating.

There is a consistent joke about the left joining hands and singing cumbaya. The problem is that they really don't and its a shame. The simple fact that Bernie supporters, rather than vote for a woman who had been demonized for over 30 years, that the opposition had spent over 100 million dollars trying to take down, etc. but was seen, by these particular members of the left as evil, the devil, who did monstrous things, etc. is another great example of what is wrong with the left. They say that the 'middle' is now more populated than either side. Those are folks who watch the left with a distrust and humor. Who in the world would support such a group? You really can't support a group that can't actually even support itself! They don't like the right and the left is a kindofa joke. They have some good ideas but they can't be counted on. The right is not a joke and they certainly can be counted on. Their problem is pretty simple - they REALLY don't represent the majority of the voting public.

The only thing that might actually save the left, this time, is Trump the Jackass. This is a rare instance wherein the left is actually in agreement about something - overwhelming dislike of Trump. That may actually save them - this time.

As an aside I would add that the House has now passed something over 200 pieces of legislation. That being said they have been curiously silent on what they have been doing, other than to state that they have been doing some legislating. Yet another example of Democratic obscurantism and that is a shame. One would think that they could, at least, stand up for their own actions!

Enough - apologies if you are offended.........