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Big Mo's been talking for some time now. Who said the only reason we can never have a third party in this country is because the rich won't pay for another one?

No one here has ever said that, and far as I know, I've always said that the reason we can never have a third party is because no one is interested in doing the legwork to set up a power base first.
Every third party I know of in all the elections in my lifetime always does the same damn stupid thing, run some guy for POTUS.
Then, after the election, which he LOSES, that party shrinks down to a PO Box and maybe an 800 number or a website for the next 3.5 years.
Then the cycle repeats itself for six months, lather rinse, repeat:

3.5 years dormancy, 0.5 years POTUS campaign, 3.5 years dormancy.

Unless and until enough third party people gather the political will to build a groundswell of support FROM THE BOTTOM UP, you will not see any third party gain a foothold.
There is NO TOP DOWN model that works, or we would have seen it happen already.

Far as I can see, third parties in this country exist as a vote siphon, mostly to help the Republicans, with one notable exception, and that was by accident, in 1992.

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