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Big Mo's been talking for some time now. Who said the only reason we can never have a third party in this country is because the rich won't pay for another one?

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No one here has ever said that.....

Well let me be the first! Money is power, power is money. Third Parties want to usurp power. More often than not to take money from the powerful and give it to the powerless. Let's be honest here, the rich won't pay for a third party that aims to take their hard earned money and give it to the poor. Not even if it's just a tiny fraction, they will not give up one red cent to fund their downfall.

Presidential elections are high profile events, third parties don't imagine they can win but during a national election at least they can get the word out that there are other choices. Even though there really aren't.

Not enough donor money to run lots of candidates for local elections.
Money is power, power is money. If you aint got money...you aint gettin' no power.

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