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This might cheer you all up a bit:

GOP Nightmare

Seems the biggest gerrymandering consultant died and voting rights advocates obtained his hard drives and thumb drives legally. Now Republicans are horrified because most of their gerrymandering work is about to come undone. Hofeller worked in many states in the US, for decades. They have over 75000 files!

Thursday, they dropped the first bombshell from Hofellers hard drives: A key portion of a 2015 memo written by Hofeller appeared in a draft Justice Department letter used to justify the Trump administrations efforts to add a citizenship question to the census. Hofellers memo, which explains why the citizenship question would boost the voting power of Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites, indicates that administration officials lied about the reason for adding the question.

I heard that yesterday on the news.

Republicans have resorted to gerrymandering, voter-suppression and cultivated this philosophy: If you can't beat 'em, cheat em! Hmm

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