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Sorry, I was not clear. I am for just, intelligent and honest regulation. The problem with regulation is simple but there are two sides. The sides are regulation and no regulation. These come in two flavors - extreme. The answer is for both sides to sit down, agree there will be regulation and then both sides find common ground. THAT is regulation and not regulations decided by one side or the other. That is how its all designed.

Enough - apologies if you are offended.........

Lord knows you've stated many times how politics for you is between regulation and no regulation. You often mention how the 'left' is defined as politics that believe in sound regulation.
It's quite absurd and has no historical validity to say the 'left' is defined, more or less, by sound regulation.

The democratic party has been drifting further rightward for decades now by your fetish for capitulating to the demands of the right while punching left and alienating larger and larger portions of their base. You seem content with that but I'm not.

I'm not offended. Amused maybe, but not offended by your willful ignorance of leftism.

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