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However, your determination to label every belief as this and that, right and wrong, etc. when referring to the left (witch, according to you doesn't exist) is an excellent example of how the Dems seem to consistently demonstrate that they can "lose spectacularly". Sometimes they win, sometimes they don't but they never seem to really get it and its frustrating.

What I do is offer a COUNTERARGUMENT to your cartoonish simplifications of left vs. right argument. Both parties have coalitions as they must in a rigid two party system. Both parties have disagreements over goals and priorities.
Republicans tend to be more dynamic and democratic, allowing for the voters to pick their representative that aligns with their ideology.
The Democrats are the opposite. Now more than ever they have become more insular, rigid and dogmatic. They will allow no challenges to their incumbent politicians and are hoping to fend off any and all primary challenges from progressive leftists preferring the more corporate aligned conservative.
The right gets enthusiasm from it's base by primary renewal. The Neolibs get a lock on the Democfratic party and have effectively made it a club.

That may be fine for some Eisenhower Republican retreads but not for a great many FDR New Dealists Democrats. I wish the party to be rid of these Hagfish but they are burrowed in deep and wont be removed without great effort.
Enjoy those tax enhanced savings accounts because that's all they have been able to muster as Democrats for the last 30 years or so. They are devoid of any meaningful ideas for addressing peoples very real material concerns. Quit the opposite really.