JGW, you seem upset that everyone doesn't take a centrist, Republican light stance such as yourself. I will not vote for Joe Biden. Okay?

If that's the best the Democratic Party can muster then I'd just as soon have another 4 years of Trump. In fact, I'd rather have Trump. He will continue to damage the Republican Party. Joe Biden on the other hand will make a case for just how useless and out of touch the Democrats really are.
This has nothing to do with parties, or our own supposed "two party system". All politics is about class warfare. The rich vs the poor, the workers vs corporations, the proletariat vs the bourgeoisie. The aristocracy vs the commoners, conservatives vs liberals. The landed gentry vs the landless. Labor vs management.
The House of Lords vs the House of Commons.

There are many factions. But there are only two sides.

Some call them right and Left.

Those with money vs those with none.

I have none.

During the French revolution the supporters of the King were seated to his right.
The supporters of the Revolution were seated to his left. The party of order vs. the party of movement.

Change vs the status quo.

Needless to say those who sided with the King were those with the most money...

Marx and Engles saw that this was a recurring theme. They sought to explain it and offer hope that the cycle could be broken and that finally men could be free!

Freedom is not the agenda of the right...despite what you might have heard.

Democrats are not the left. Despite what they might have led you to believe.

Socialists don't want "the government" to own anything. Socialists want the people to own everything. Not just a few people either...all of us.

The role of government is simply to be sure that order is maintained and everyone gets what they need.

Our current model is creating a Billionaire Class and a class of wage slaves. You may hate it to the roots of your very teeth but socialist policies are the only thing that's gonna save our asses.

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