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Our current model is creating a Billionaire Class and a class of wage slaves. You may hate it to the roots of your very teeth but socialist policies are the only thing that's gonna save our asses.

Maybe so but so far it looks like they SUCK at marketing.
Anyone who ever tried marketing understands that a label turn-off means the end of their product. They can make the best product of its kind but if people hate the name, it will not sell.

So, if you're going to sell socialism, and you already recognize that it's about the haves vs the have nots, then you'd better figure out what to call it so that the have not people in this country can relate to it.

General Motors could easily come out with a fast and lovely rear engine sports car if they want, but if they call it a Corvair...if they SAY that they are reintroducing the Corvair, it will be DEAD in the water.

Think about it.

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