Your 14 year old is going to be lucky to even have a job, along with the entire generation. Automation is going to take care of that. Even when it comes to the stock market its happening. Have you seen pictures of the bank upon bank of trading computers that trading literally millions of stock hourly?

I fear its gonna be like the current homeless thing in spades. I fear that, sooner rather than later, we are going to create a lower class without hope. I also suspect there are ivory tower folks working on this one right now. The problem is that, seemingly, we are no longer really into fixing problems in any meaningful way. Emigration, education, wealth distribution, etc., have been known for years but no fixes in place. Drugs were solved by Portugal about 18 years ago - we have been ignoring that one as we are into punish bigtime. Recidivism was solved by Northern Europe years ago - we ignored that too. None of this stuff is a mystery and none of it is actually being addressed.

I can only wonder what is going to happen when blood starts to run in the streets. I also wonder how is AI going to deal with stuff when humanity is no longer necessary for ANYTHING! This stuff is coming! (and fast) I can remember when they ordered tanks into Washington, DC - with their guns down. That got solved (Vietnam) but only because we had the draft now even that is gone and we are into forever wars.

Sorry, I am even depressing myself!