F**K June. June Sucks.

First, my Jeep broke down. It's a big Red, lifted(4 1/2 inch Rusty's Offroad), 2003 4x4 Grand Cherokee. Something fell apart in the steering. A bolt came out. Major pain in the ass and over $500 Buckaroos that was NOT in the budget. Don't judge me. I live 3 miles from the nearest paved road, 8 miles to the nearest gas station, 12 miles to the city limits.

Then I lost both my cats. One was still practically a kitten and I loved her dearly. But she was a wild child and chose the swamp life. Didn't come home for days on end, showed up and ate, then left again. I've given her up for dead before, but whether she lives or not she doesn't appear inclined to come home. The Other was my daughter's cat, cranky old thing, took ill and died under my bed. She was a hider so we thought nothing of it when we didn't see her for a few days. But after a few days we didn't need to see her to find her...if you get my drift.

My daughter is marrying her girlfriend. That's good news but it comes with a caveat. She's moving to Maine. I'm disabled and it's going to be a bit of a challenge living alone. I'm gonna miss her too, a lot.

Then, just a couple nights ago, we had just finished dinner and the kid had gone to work(she's 25, a barista at Starbucks), I was standing over the stove munching on a leftover buttermilk fried pork chop when BAM a lightening strike knocked out the power. Tradition around here is when the power goes out we go to town for ice cream so I loaded up the dog and went to the Twisty Treat. Power was back on when I got home but my modem was not blinking its little multitude of green lights.

And my computer was toast. Powerpack and motherboard fried and since it's a custom built gaming machine it had an odd powerpack that had to be shipped from California. A week to get my computer back. And an additional $300.

So I dug this old one out of the closet...It hasn't run since 2013, dug into the Medusa like tangles of wires behind my desk and got the new modem hooked up and configured.

And the old computer plugged into the system...

What a mess...a virus laden mess with a browser hijacker clogging up the works, no wonder I replaced it. And of course it doesn't know any of my passwords any more than I do.

It's windows XP. No longer supported by anybody. I downloaded a 2014 version of Firefox and AVG Free. It's moving along pretty well now.

I'm changing all my passwords to get this computer into Facebook and RR and assorted other places that need passwords.

Then I'm going to get my other machine back and I won't know which passwords I used where and it'll start all over again...

Yesterday my mower broke.

F**K June.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...