All of 2019 has sucked ass for us too.
A day or two after Christmas Karen fell out of her power chair. She was reaching down to pick up one of the kitties, only she forgot she had taken off her seat belt.
Two broken legs, one such a mild hairline that it healed by itself but the other was major multiple "communicative" fractures and she wound up in a very heavy splint that went from toes to halfway up her thigh for two and a half months.

Then just as we were rounding the home stretch with the healed fracture she got a massive pressure sore right on her buttock, right where the hip bone meets the femur. A major flap surgery followed by five weeks in a floaty bed called a Clinitron, which required her to be 100% immobilized, like in an iron lung.
Then another month hospital bed rest but thankfully in a normal hospital bed.

She is home now but still under strict bed rest orders but she gets to sit in her chair about five hours a day for now.

Yeah, it is not shaping up to be the greatest year for us so far either...and we're still under the spectre of Trump, of course.

Thank God Karen's finally home. Here she is WITH her seat belt on, showing off how limber she can be.

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