I hope you are right, PIA. I'm sorry your June sucks so bad, Greger. I'm almost embarrassed to say how mine has gone. I've not had much internet access, and have not paid much attention to news. Harvey, our RV, ticked over 60k, and we should be home tomorrow. One more visit with our senior son (who is going through an amicable divorce, but a divorce nonetheless, so is max stressed and depressed), then home just until the end of the week.

We've traveled 3000 miles over the last 3 weeks, finishing the family "gold rush" trip with two of my sisters. We've now retraced our great- great- great-grandfather's sojourn from Mascoutah, Illinois to Nevada City, California for the California gold fields in 1850. He didn't go home rich, but he did make it home, which cannot be said for all of the family. I've seen and learned so much it's a life-altering experience. History meets family lore meets the modern world. We even found where his claim was! Like him, we didn't bring home much gold, but lots of memories.

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