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What exactly is being argued about with this latest supposed indignation.

Who is the aggrieved and why is it only focused on this particular aspect of a spectrum of undemocratic practices.....

What's the fuss about really?

Just asking.
I have a hard time believing you are serious here. Who are aggrieved here are the voters, of all stripes, whose choice and voting power is being removed by partisan actors. You do recognize how gerrymandering works, right? Your complaints about political party workings are inapposite. What is relevant is the ability of any party to effectively eliminate democratic elections. Put it this way: until there is a massive political shift in any particular jurisdiction, the currently dominant party (primarily Republican), even in the electoral minority, can entrench their candidates in office without meaningful recourse by their electorate. Fewer than half the States allow citizen initiatives, and even fewer for constitutional amendment.

North Carolina is virtually a 50-50 State, yet its delegation is 10-3 because of gerrymandering. That cannot change so long as the citizenry cannot change the makeup of the legislature. In the best scenario such change will be incremental - a seat here or there - but not wholesale. It will require a sea change politically, and that may not occur in our lifetimes, or our children's.