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You actually voted. A huge percent of eligible voters did not. That's the collective "we" to blame for this. I like to think that most everybody here is not part of that collective.

But that is almost the half that causes the problem. They don't VOTE! That's a vote for the people who are grinding us into the asphalt right now.

Partisans and partisan hacks love a good fight. Most partisan hacks live a very comfortable and protected life, or they're just born lucky.
That's why they're so willing to play fast and loose and bet the farm or take hostages, or sit out an election to punish anyone who isn't willing to be partisan enough to make them happy.

And they usually wind up punishing the people who can afford it the least, and that's the very same vulnerable, poor, disabled and elderly, and the remaining folks many of whom had played by the rules, worked hard and honestly, and just got dealt a very lousy hand of cards by fate.

And then some people believe deep down in their very heart and soul that ideology can beat perception and presentation, also known as BRANDING.

It never has.
And the folks who have to live with the outcome of that failing gamble wind up under the thumb of a would be dictator, an incompetent, sanity-deprived authoritarian hack with the attitude of a bully.

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