You actually voted. A huge percent of eligible voters did not. That's the collective "we" to blame for this.

I don't really buy into that anymore.
The demographics of those who don't vote may be a little more Democratically inclined but the thing we learned from the 2016 election is that it's not so much the number of votes as where the voters are located.

We don't need a get out the vote drive among the homeless in LA. We don't need more Puerto Rican votes in New York, or Blacks in Chicago.
We don't need the elderly bused from their nursing homes. We need more Democratic voters in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming et al.
The deep south has blanketed itself in ignorance and bigotry and they cling to their heritage of white supremacy.
We certainly don't need to blame what few "leftists" there are for Democratic losses at the polls.

Democrats promise the world and deliver squat. Republicans promise to make the rich richer and people of color miserable. That's a message that works and they deliver on it time after time after time.

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