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I don't really buy into that anymore.

Well I still do, and the more I learn about non-voting adults in the USA, the more convinced I am that not only do we have a turnout problem among would be liberal voters, I am also increasingly convinced that when SCOTUS gutted the Voting Right Act of 1965, it was a deliberate effort to help seal the South's direction for the Republicans forever.
The GOP in the South is now very much like the old PRI was in Mexico.

But in the end, apathetic non-voters are and remain the largest bloc in American electoral politics.

But many adults in the US did not vote for Trump simply because they didnt vote for anyone at all 136 million ballots were cast in total, meaning that 45% of adults who live in the US did not participate on election day. There are many reasons why they didnt vote but one takeaway is clear: the obstacles to voting disproportionately affect people of color.

Those people effectively DID vote for Trump, by not voting.

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