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we're going to need to increase liberal turnout in order for those votes to get cast.

When liberals start acting liberal that might just happen. When Democrats choose the most conservative candidate possible out of a huge field of liberal candidates then you gonna get what you gonna get and it aint gonna be a buncha lefties crawling out of their caves to crush the Republicans.

What you gonna get is a huge collective yawn from non voting Americans everywhere. BIDEN 2020....*snore*

Apparently when you mention Biden you get a snore, but when you mention voting in 2020 and giving him the nod if he winds up the nominee, you get almost unanimous applause.

So it would be incumbent upon anyone who doesn't want more of the same mediocre tapioca to work as hard as they can to make sure we DON'T get tapioca.

Or Chok.
Chok is soft white rice in lukewarm water.
Joe Biden might be like Stu in The Hangover II:

Warren is showing some good signs.

Bernie's running his brand but there is a branding problem.
The ideology and values are great but he's apparently unable to use the Smuckers trick to get support from the generation who lived through or were products of the Red Scare.

Don't try to compare the Red Scare with tales of the Yellow Menace.
The Red Scare was a political operation designed to install authoritarian fascism. The Yellow Menace was just plain old racism.

No one's treating Bernie like he's some kind of scary Chinese person, they're going all HUAC on his ass. The worst they could do with Warren was that stupid Pocahontas thing and they shot their wad prematurely with that, so it's spoiled goods made from weak sauce.
And Warren agrees with Bernie on almost 95% of her platform.

Lindsey Graham just spent the morning at Fox and Friends labeling Democrats as anti-American Communists. He made it SOUND like he was just labeling the four young rookies, AOC Pressley Tlaib and Omar but his base heard and tasted the red meat, and the red meat says:

All Democrats are COMMUNISTS who hate America, and Israel.

Giant walking amygdalas.

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