Wow Logtroll,

I haven't liked anything from CNN in awhile but that was good.

Not to ignore the current crises, but hasn't the racial divisions been employed by the dominant culture since the 1600's? Can't help but wonder if the racial tinder lying around has been collecting from economic reasons as it has been in the past. Put another way, the economic situation helps drive the splits and division being exploited for political purposes.

Just throwing it out there. I agree with the sentiment of the article. How's it go? 'If your not outraged your not paying attention'.

My understanding of some of the resentments of the know nothings was their economic insecurity. Hasn't that been a policy goal for American workers, in order to enhance shareholder value, for some time now? Wasn't it Alan Greenspan who warned, in the late 90', that suppressing wages thru job insecurity can be taken only so far to increase profits?

By most measures that wage suppression has remained and intensified. I wish the author explained the economic parallels between the time of the 'Know Nothings' and today.

Odd how Lymon Beecher agitated enough to have helped burn down a Catholic school in Boston back then but raised a daughter who's book, 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' helped begin the civil war. Odder still that the same women would not support the suffragettes.

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