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I invited a guy here from a moderate Righty blog. Hed like to try out some of his mentations at a real discussion forum.

It might be interesting... names Ohio Gene, unless he signs in otherwise. Hes used to places that ban based on ideological aberrations (echo chambers) but I promised him that RR doesnt work that way.

He's certainly more than welcome to become part of the family.
If you can persuade him to register I promise I will add him.
See if you can get an email addy from him as it would help considerably.

Alas, Oggie 'reconned' RR and determined that we are too stupid here to be worth his time. Which, in translation to the Upside Down, means that he took a peek and was scared shitless. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

Here is Oggies actually post 'splainin' hisself...

lol... waste of my time. From reading all I noticed is that very few of them know the material they quote. Just like Kelvin they repeat the common misconceptions "Nordic country's are socialist" or "But Denmark"... or they quote the very failed theory itself or they quote folks who never actually tried to apply the theory in the real world but do have degrees in the theory itself. When applied the theory fails therefore it is not a valid theory. Fact: EVERY time socialist theory is applied as a form of governance it fails. Not just sometimes, but every time. Venezuela is only the latest example.
Fact: None of the Nordic nations use socialism as a form of governance and neither does Denmark. To be sure they have some sub-governance systems which, on the surface, use socialistic theory however those systems are actually bolstered by free market external forces and capitalist systems, under governance systems without which the socialistic systems would, indeed, collapse... The historical end result of allowing socialist theory into full governance is generally the complete takeover of the system by an elite caste or a singular party of elites followed by massive poverty in the general public, imprisonment of dissenting voices, chaos and protest that brings about high violence crackdowns by those same elites and the eventual collapse of the society stupid enough to adopt the system.
If the folks there are so smart perhaps they should come here and debate me...

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller