The real debate is much more about fine tuning. We already have a bunch of socialist stuff in this country. The current debate is "do a few more make sense" versus "screw the middle class". We have huge income inequality in this country, to the point that it's harming the economy. Harming it for everybody, even the rich. Maybe we should fix that. We have drug companies that charge insurance companies and Medicare $70,000 a year for a drug that costs them less than $100 per year to make. Is that excessive? But nobody wants to confiscate the means of production and hang the 1% from lamp posts.

I'm probably one of the few that wants to see the homeless helped more than the working class! That's not social democracy as we know it. It's more caring "for the least of these my brothers" to quote Jesus. Is feeding the hungry un-American? It's certainly Christian, which I guess puts to a lie the conservative claim that this was always a Christian Nation.