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I'm probably one of the few that wants to see the homeless helped more than the working class!

Get the working class back on their feet and homelessness will take care of itself.

Loggy, your friend is a coward. He has nothing to bring to the table and he knows it. Republicans have zero interest in sustainable policy, zero interest in human suffering, and zero interest in the environment.

Socialism? Nah, not interested in the "owning the means of production" crap. If he read anything at all here he could see that. I wonder if he took social studies in school? Was it a class about socialism? No.

Is Social Security a program devised to secure the ownership of the means of production for the government? No. Do Social Directors seek to achieve government ownership of the means of production? uh-uh. So why does everyone insist that a social democracy is anything like the failed soviet model. Why the f*ck would government want to take over running businesses. Government is run BY BUSINESS, not the other way around. That is, more or less, what it's all about.

The Nordic nations, as well as a lot more around the world, are embracing the social democratic model. All it involves really is forcing "trickle down" to occur. Nobody ever said they were soviet style "Socialists".

Well in loggy's defense, I don't know how much of a friend the guy really is because nobody has more than an anonymous nickname. No one knows his real name or even his email address.

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