When we use words, I like for us all to be using the same definitions for them.


relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
"a totalitarian regime"
synonyms: authoritarian, autocratic, autarchic, dictatorial, tyrannical, oppressive, repressive, one-party, monocratic, absolute, absolutist, undemocratic, antidemocratic, illiberal, despotic, fascist, fascistic, Nazi, neo-Nazi, Stalinist; dystopian
"a totalitarian state"

From all I can gather about his leadership style Donald Trump is definitely an authoritarian. Not much doubt about whether he's an autocrat either. Autarchic?*sighs and Googles* Yeah that too. Really not an uncommon trait among corporate moguls....jeeeex he's all of those things! Except the Nazi stuff. Trump comes from a completely different place. I don't know if he's even a racist.
Donald Trump is classist. He has no issue with people of color who he perceives to be in the same class as him. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Bloodyhands is a Muslim who is welcome here any time...

So yeah....If the above definition is the one were going to use then Donald John Trump is a totalitarian.

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