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Oh by the way, this is really funny.
I'm sure most of you might remember that I used to live in Minneapolis back in the 1970's when I was going to school and playing in a little blues band that started to become pretty popular.
Well, as it turns out, I think Senator Hatrack and I crossed paths IN REAL life back then because he and his brother were friends with most everyone in our little band and he attended a lot of our old jam sessions and area gigs at the various bars and clubs in town.

When I went to his Facebook page there it was, two mutual friends who were both band members. Life is grand.

Things that make you go...hmm. smile

Things being what they were for me back then, I didn't remember his last name but I totally remember "B-----" (Senator Hatrack) and his brother.
Hey, we had a guy who was very talented at making dimmer equipment for our lighting rig and running the lights at our shows.
For four years I only knew him as "Johnny Lights".

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