And now the news we dreaded:

Kenneth L. Williams III, aka "Golem", passed away on June 2, 2019.
The obituary was just that brief, just the facts, ma'am.

Ken was a conservative fish out of water at the somewhat "liberal" Rant but always thoughtful, gentle, accommodating and open to other points of view.
Ken also ran a regular feature which might sound morbid to some, but to us Ranters, was a gentle reminder to honor those who had carved a path and lit the way.
The Passing Parade was a place where we honored those who had gone on before us.
And now with the news of Ken's passing, in addition to noting how much he will be missed by The Rant, I will add a note to honor him there.
It is sad to hear of his passing but we at the Rant also knew how grief-stricken he was at the loss of Estelle. We knew how much he treasured that amazing woman.
I pray he has been brought together with her for eternity and I offer my profound sympathy to his wonderful family and friends.

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