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What exactly is being argued about with this latest supposed indignation.

Who is the aggrieved and why is it only focused on this particular aspect of a spectrum of undemocratic practices.....

What's the fuss about really?

Just asking.

Do you fuss about incrementalism, do you fuss about punching left while moving right, do you fuss about parties refusing to listen to the will of the people?

But you're blind to gerrymandering?


A 1 1/2 month pause responding to a post? You really do have a bug up your behind.
What are you trying to say?
The mocking I get but your point escapes me.

Was there one?

Well since you don't think there's much of a fuss, then I can understand you not seeing the point. What I don't get is why you think I necroed an old thread just to pick on you. It came back to life today and I scrolled up to get back in sync with the recent posts.

What's the fuss about? Heh, you figure it out.
The subject is gerrymandering.

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